5 Steps to Beating Injustice: Gods Among Us (iOS) Without Paying a Cent

Injustice: Gods Among Us is coming out for consoles today, and it’s probably gonna be pretty awesome. The guys who made the most recent Mortal Kombat are making it. One of the guys who made the original Mortal Kombat is executive producing it. So pretty much, it’s like Mortal Kombat with superheroes.

But I’m not here to talk about the console version coming out today. Today, I wanna tell you about the mobile version. I’ve been playing it for the past week or so and have uncovered a few relatively hassle-free tips to beating those pesky Silver Cards without spending a dime. Without any further ado, here they are.

#1. Get to Level 1, Battle 10

I know it’s lame to say start by playing the game (Of course! I beat it by doing it! Duh!) But trust me, there’s a reason for this. You see, the 8th battle in Level 1 (indicated by the star icon) is the first real farmable battle in the game. Everything before that wont get you enough credits to matter, and everything after that will be too hard to farm efficiently.

But this battle is perfect. You’ll get on average 500 credits per fight, with a 1500 credit on the last fight in the battle. And regardless of how skilled you are, you can probably get this far up without any problems. So the first step is to play this battle. A lot.

#2. Only Buy the 25% Off Gold Booster Packs

It’s going to be tempting to buy those mid-priced Silver cards, or to upgrade your starting Bronze ones in order to feel some semblance of progression, but don’t do it. Herein lies the biggest problem with Injustice: Higher tiered cards are better than lower tiered ones. Like, much much better. A Lvl 1 Gold Card will start with higher stats than a Lvl 16-20 Bronze card. And by the time you hit Chapter 3, all your Bronze cards will be useless (no matter what rank they are).

For this reason, it will never benefit you in the long run to invest in anything other than Gold cards. Which means you’re going to have to save up quite a bit. 75,000 credits a piece to be exact. But don’t worry: it might sound bad, but once you get a hang of it it shouldn’t take you more than a day or two to farm the necessary credits. At 500 credits a battle, you only have to fight 150 battles to get enough. Just leave the game running (and randomly swipe right at the screen) while you’re watching TV and you should have the necessary credits in no time.

But before you can move into the next step, you’ll have to grind out Level 1, Battle 8 until you’ve got 75,000 credits and bought a Gold boost pack. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

#3. Use Your New “Gold” Card Powerhouse to Speed Up Grinding

So you’ve got 1 Gold powerhouse of a character. Now what? Well, now it’s time for more grinding! Yaaay! You didn’t think it’d be that easy, did you?

Alright, hypothetically you could play through the rest of the game at this point and probably do okay. But at some point, you’re gonna hit a progression wall, and you’ll either need to grind more or pay. And the whole point of this is to not pay.

So in summary what you’re going to do now is use your main gold card to beat each of the fights in Level 1, Battle 8 while you switch out your bronze cards to save energy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Put 1 Gold card and 2 Bronze cards in your deck
  2. Play Chapter 1, Battle 8
  3. If your Bronze Cards ever run out of energy, replace them with other Bronze cards
  4. If your Gold card ever runs out of energy, recharge him using one of your man recharge games you’ve gained from playing the game this far
  5. Repeat until all Bronze Cards are out of energy
  6. Wait 1 hour and repeat

Using this method (and only playing in the bathroom/on the subway), I was able to get 50K-80K credits a day. Keep doing this and you’ll have a full set of gold cards in no time.

#4. Build Up a Team of 3 “Gold” Cards to Speed Up Grinding

So now you’ve grinded another 75,000 credits (shouldn’t take more than a day), and you’ve got your 2nd gold card. What to do now?

Grind some more!

  1. Put 1 Gold and 2 Bronze cards in your deck
  2. Play Chapter 1, Battle 8
  3. If your Bronze Cards run out of energy, replace them with other Bronze cards
  4. If your Gold Card runs out of energy, don’t use an energy recharger. Instead, switch out to your other Gold card.
  5. Wait and repeat

And that’s it! Boring, I know, but just like Step #3, if you keep at this it shouldn’t take you more than a day or two. Which leads us to step #5.

#5. Fight Until You Lose, Then Start Grinding

After you’ve got your 3rd Gold card, the hard part’s over. Now it’s just about enjoying the game, and honing your skills. At some point you will most likely have to grind again, but I’ve gotten to Chapter 5, Battle 3 (AKA Battle 33) and have yet to go back and do a single grind session.

When I do inevitably have to go back, I’ll probably pick a higher level bonus battle (a la Chapter 2, Battle 8) in order to change-up the monotony and get a bit more bang for my buck. I suggest you do too.

After you get your 3rd Gold card, it also might be a good idea to prioritize your spending habits. Here’s how I did mine, and it hasn’t failed for me so far:

  1. Special Abilities 2 and 3 for each character (even if you don’t use them, the bigger special bar will be very useful later on)
  2. Health, Strength, and Energy support cards for each character (these give the best return, and you’ll definitely need the added Health and Strength in the later battles
  3. Special Ability 3 Upgrades to Max (not as useful in the 2nd chapter, but in the 3rd and 4th will come in handy when you have to go up against foes like Batman with 11K+ health)
  4. All Character Support Cards such as Bizarro or Powergirl (may not be the most efficient, but we’re trying not to spend money, and energy is hard to come by in this game.
  5. Duplicate Gold cards to boost character rank
  6. Rest of special abilities

Update: #6 Grind with the Same Strategy, but Use Battle 36 (AKA Level 6, Battle 1)

After playing through for a bit longer, I found another great opportunity to grind with a bit more efficiency. If you use the strategies above but use Battle 36, you’ll find your gold income to go up much higher. You get 1K-1.5K per battle on Battle 36, and because you only face one mini-boss at a time you can still grind with 1 Gold Card and 2 Bronze Cards (as opposed to needing 3 Gold Cards just to beat earlier stages in the Level 5 battles).

And that’s it! Feel free to post your own special tips  here, or let me know if you disagree with a strategy you see here. I’m all ears.